When Would You Start Using a 3D Printer?

When Would You Start Using a 3D Printer?The Society of Digital Artists has a poll going on right now, which asks the headline’s question:

“When would you start using a 3D Printer?”


The results of the poll clearly indicate that most users would start using a 3D printer “when the cost drops below $1,000 for a machine”. A few indicated they would go for a $3,000 or even a $5,000 machine, but that simply suggests where the “bell curve” of affordability exists.

Interestingly, the least expensive commercial 3D printer today is DesktopFactory’s 125ci 3D Printer, which is priced at $4,995 – just barely below the highest affordability threshold of the poll. Perhaps we should wait for the DesktopFactory “225ci”?

Via CGSociety

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