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Dimension Releases the 1200es Series

Dimension 3D Printing Group (a unit of Stratasys) has made available two new 3D Printers:


  • 1200es BST ($26,000)
  • 1200es SST ($34,900)

The two key highlights of the 1200es series:



  • A relatively large 10x10x12 inch build chamber (254 x 254 x 305 mm). (For comparison, the DesktopFactory 125ci has a 5x5x5 build chamber)
  • A special print media - ABSPlus, which is claimed to be some 40% stronger than their previous media. Obviously, your objects will be quite a bit more robust with this media.

Nope, this isn't quite for home use, unless you have a bit more space on your workbench than we at Fabbaloo do! However, it is very appropriate for 3D Print services, where the 1200es devices could easily be used by anyone.


Via and DimensionPrinting

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