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StrataSys Stock Falls

Stratasys, makers of the Dimension series and high-end FDM series of 3D printers, suffered an 18% drop in stock price after fourth-quarter 2008 earnings were announced. Earnings grew a measly 11%, down significantly from earlier quarters. However, we suspect this is simply due to a general slow-down in the US economy that is affecting many companies, particularly those like Stratasys, which sell high-end products. Reading the link below from Seeking Alpha, the analyst tells his true sentiment on this company:

Disclosure: I've owned SSYS for some time and may add to my holdings at this level, or, more likely, when the stock bottoms out.

Who will be the winning manufacturer of 3D print devices in 2-3 years when the technology explodes on the market?


Via Seeking Alpha and CentreDaily

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