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3D Printing Will Transform Your Life

LiveScience picks ten "Technologies That Will Transform Your Life". Included, of course, is 3D Printing. They say:

Instead of going to the store for your next gadget, you might download a design of your choosing and generate it in your desktop 3-D printer. The next step will be to design your own gadgets, post the designs, and sell them, etc. Toys, kitchenware, and decorative household items should be fair game, at least. Cottage industry, here we come!

Just so you know the other items on the list were:



  • Digital Libraries
  • Gene Therapy/Stem Cells
  • Pervasive Wireless Internet
  • Mobile Robots
  • Better, Cheaper Solar Cells
  • Location-based Computing
  • Moore's Law Upheld
  • Therapeutic Cloning
  • The Hydrogen Economy

Via LiveScience


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