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Blind Man Sees!

An incredible story comes from 3D Systems, a 3D service bureau that we'll have to review very soon. The University of Louisville's Rapid Prototyping Center and Harvest Technologies (a 3D Systems provider) together helped produce an amazing result for the popular TV show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

The show's premise is to rapidly rebuild or replace homes for families unable to do so. Typically the family usually does not see any part of the build until the end of the show, where it is dramatically revealed to them with great effect. 
In this episode, the family includes Patrick Hughes, 19. What's so special about Patrick? He's legally blind. But how could they reveal to him the structure of the newly built home? 
The answer: 3D Printing! The tech team printed out an entire 3D model of the new home in pieces. Patrick was then able to "see" the new home merely by touch. He was able to determine the shape and size of the rooms, floor plan, locations of doorways, etc., which would otherwise be pretty well impossible. 


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