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Wax Milling


We've seen some strange materials being used in fabrication before, including Paper, Metal, Sugar, Iron , Live Tissue, and even Pasta! Now we see another media: Wax!
Dutch company Delft Spline Systems makes the DeskProto software that can be used with inexpensive desktop milling machines, like the Roland JWX-10. Aimed at the Jewelry Maker's market, the 123WaxRing System greatly simplifies the job of producng jewelry prototypes. Pre-made wax discs are affixed to the milling machine, which is driven by the DeskProto software to rapidly produce 3D jewelry models. 
Delft Spline cites several advantages of CNC Wax Milling over "conventional" 3D Printing, including cost and print resolution (important for tiny jewelry). While true today, these factors may change dramatically over the next few years.


3D Printing As Replicator

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