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The Guy Behind The Company Behind DesktopFactory

There's a great article interviewing Bill Gross, founder of IdeaLab. That's the venture capital incubator company that hatched DesktopFactory, the makers of the first sub USD$5,000 3D printer. The highlights:


  • IdeaLab is old! They've been around since BEFORE the dot.bomb bust! Evidently they must know how to incubate, having survived for so long
  • The list of companies IdeaLab has triggered is staggering; twenty-eight companies of the fifty they have started are mentioned in the article, many of which are household names like Picasa, Snap,, NetZero, Overture, and of course DesktopFactory. And they began registrations on the .tv internet domain, too!

They focus on long-term, earth-shaking tech these days, typically those that "at least five years to get any company profitable". This implies a bit of a timeline on DesktopFactory, wouldn't you say?


Analysis: it seems to us that DesktopFactory is in good hands.

Via Nathan Gwilliam Blog

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