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More 3D Printing in Education

Sherwood High School in Oregon has taken a step up by targeting to acquire a Dimension 3D printer for their advanced shop class. We've seen other schools use 3D printing technology to help teach engineering and manufacturing concepts to students, and usage like this is a growing trend.

In an effort to catch up with engineering training around the world, this school wants to supply their students with "cutting edge equipment". But we think the real deal is that cool 3D tech attracts and retains students to engineering programs. The more exciting and interesting, the longer students will stay and learn.

Do they have a printer yet? No, but they are raising funds and currently have over half of the necessary USD$30,000 required to own their own Dimension printer. Good luck, Sherwood!

Update: Holy Trinity Academy in Okotoks and Notre Dame Collegiate in High River, Alberta Canada will also receive 3D printing technology after "large technology grants" from their provincial government.

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