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Stratasys Leading

A press release from Stratasys, makers of the popular Dimension series of 3D Printers, seems to indicate they lead the pack of manufacturers. The release. Evidently the Minnesota-based company is now producing more than half of the 3D printers being made today (53 percent, according to a report from Wohler's, available here.)

Other highlights:


  • Stratasys believes the worldwide market for 3D printers "could exceed 500,000 systems"
  • The market for direct digital manufacturing grew by 27% in 2007, from 11.7% to 14.9%

This is good news indeed, as was last week's news. While Dimension's equipment isn't really intended for home use, the faster the market grows, the sooner we'll see personal manufacturing appear. Competition and economies of scale will bring down prices and foster new features and capabilities.


Via Stratasys

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