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Discounts From Dimension

Stratasys's Dimension Printing Group is offering a USD$10,000 credit for commercial customers for purchases of their 1200ES 3D Printer. The catch? You must trade in an existing 3D printer. And do it by the end of summer, 2008.

This is a bold move by Stratasys, since 3D printing is still a relatively new activity. We suspect most installations still have recently acquired devices, and may be hard pressed to switch or upgrade. Is Stratasys trying to move their customer base towards the newer models faster? Or are they trying to scoop up market share from their competitors?

On the other hand, Dimension's new devices are faster, have a larger build chamber and use better print media. As always, the answer is, "it depends". We recommend carefully examining your specific situation and balance total costs versus total benefits on this unique offer.

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