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Xeni Jardin Tours TechShop

BoingBoingTV's incomparable Xeni Jardin took an extensive tour of TechShop, interviewing founder Jim Newton and several on site users of TechShop.

TechShop is a chain of open access workshops containing various high-tech (read: expensive) manufacturing equipment that anyone can use. Hobbyists and small businesses bring ideas to TechShop and bring them to life. The concept gets around the significant problem that most people can't really accommodate an industrial scale laser cutter and 3D printer in their garage or wallet.

Xeni's chats with TechShop users show how they work together on projects, sharing skills and ideas to produce unique items. Visible during the video: a Dimension 3D printer.

Oh, and Xeni - Don't fall out of that 3-wheeled car!

Via BoingBoing TV

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