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An Ideal Service?

Perhaps, but that's what they are really called: Ideal. Actually Ideal is first and foremost a reseller of a very wide array of 2D scanners, but it appears they're branching into the 3D printing as a service offering.

We believe they are addressing peripheral needs of their existing industrial client base, as they do not seem to offer consumer-level purchasing interfaces. However, they do focus specifically on the Architecture, GIS, Packaging, Appliance, Education, Molecular Modeling, Automotive, Footwear and Molecular Modeling industries by providing scanning, conversion and final 3D printing on a ZCorp 450.

This appears to us to be a natural move by companies already in the manufacturing space who now find themselves with 3D printing capability. Printing objects is arriving from two directions: from the consumer/hobbyist arena and also from long-established industrial service providers, such as Ideal.

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