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Finalists in the Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge

Dimension is a well-known name in the 3D industry, and one reason why this might be is that they hold an annual 3D Printing Challenge.

This year's Challenge involves three categories:


  • a high school level engineering challenge
  • a college-level engineering challenge
  • an art & architectural challenge open to students of all grade levels

Dimension examined submitted STL designs and printed the top 25 for examination. These were also sent back to the submitter with USD$50. Winners in each category will score USD$2,500 and second place finishers receive USD$1,000.


This week nine finalists in the three categories were announced, and you can watch videos of each. While all truly brilliant ideas, we'll pick our favorite in each category:


  • University - George Suarez's Thermoelectric Water Desalination unit. Water will be the oil of the 21st century, and 21st century technology like 3D printing should be used as George suggests
  • High School - Kyle Olbrich's multi-egg "Eggcinerator". We like things that save time!
  • Art and Architecture - Benjamin Foley's Redesigned Lava Lamp. It's not just an object; it integrates with its surroundings

Good luck to all the finalists!


Via Dimension Printing's Challenge

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