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Scaling Up the Bear

A frequent item of discussion of 3D printers is the volume of the build space. You'd think that bigger is better, and we generally agree. However, there are times you may wish to print an object that exceeds the size of your build chamber. So, what are your options? Buy a bigger printer? Use special software to chop your model into chamber-sized chunks?

Maybe, but here is yet another approach to the "it's-bigger-than-my-printer" problem.

The Colorado Convention Center used 3D print technology to produce a truly massive "blue bear" that peeks into a large window. Evidently they first scanned a toy model into digital form. After adjusting the bear's shape and position digitally, they broke down the model into regions of 40-50 triangles each. These were sent to a CNC machine that printed molds for each region. After pouring the final material, the regions were assembled onsite to complete the amazing bear.

So if your model exceeds the build chamber size, you can not only print parts for assembly, you can also print molds. The molds can produce far more robust parts that can also be assembled into a larger object.

Via CompositeWorld and OinkFrog

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