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Vespa Mod

People continue to find unusual uses for 3D technology, and today's post is no exception. An article from Instructables describes how a Vespa scooter was modded to include iPod capability: speakers were installed in the Vespa's fuselage and and iPod holder was added to the handlebars. The parts were made with 3D print technology.

Why do we find this so interesting? Simple: it's yet another example of how consumers find fault in the mass-produced items they are obligated to purchase. The difference now is they increasingly have the power to make it right by bending the item to their desired state - on a personal level.

Even more interesting is how the personal design has been played back via social networks to millions of Vespa owners, some of whom will also perform the same modification. Thus, the personal design becomes a semi-standard design across the world.

Via Instructables

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