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A Strange Fusion of Sculpture and Manufacture

Painting Polygons recently interviewed Chris Cornish, a 21st century artist and designer. According to his website,

Chris Cornish works in photography, digital film, sculpture and 3D computer media. Recent film works address aspects of spectacle and reality, locating 3D environments within the illusory space of video. Although presented as moving images, Cornish's films are marked by a strong reference to sculpture and painting.

In the interview, Chris eloquently points out the ongoing collision between artists and manufacturers caused by the now widespread use of 3D printing technology:

I still find the works which utilise 3D Print technology (the 'stage' and 'crater' series) conceptually problematic. By this I mean that I am unsure whether they are a strange fusion of sculpture and manufacture that produce what could be thought of as a 3D photograph and therefore successful; or alternatively they could just be little 3D models, not very far away from model railways etc. and therefore a failure. I think this is something I need to re visit in the future.


Via PaintingPolygons and ChrisCornish

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