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Desktop Factory Update

Last week Desktop Factory's periodic newsletter provided an update on their progress. For those who haven't heard, Desktop Factory is a startup company that intends on producing a relatively high-quality 3D printer at a cost of less than USD$5,000. At this price point the device will become affordable by a much larger audience than today's users who must spend 5 to 10 times that cost for current printers.

Highlights of Desktop Factory's Product Update:


  • They have resolved the aperture clogging issue that delayed printer availability, but the new component caused a printing slowdown. It appears though, they have largely resolved the new problem and are close to target speeds.
  • Like it or not, the first widely available 3D printers will not be as maintenance free as our friendly 2D printers. Regular maintenance will be required, and Desktop Factory reports they have exceeded their specifications for end-user maintenance activities. They are still working on "service technician" reliability, however.

In all, it appears to be good news; significant progress is being made. Hopefully we will see units appearing in the field early next year.


Via Desktop Factory News

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