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A Resolution for Resolution

Last week we enjoyed reading Tim Pickup's excellent review of several contemporary 3D printers. But hidden inside the article was something that we found intriguing.

Tim pointed out a chart that compared the 3D print resolutions of various 3D printers. As you can see in the chart, there are vast differences in print quality between the devices.

Of course, resolution is not the only matter of concern when buying a 3D printer. However, this is one of the first direct comparisons we've seen. Like a test pattern, we can see this type of comparison becoming a standardized evaluation for 3D printers in the future. But there are questions:

What should be the form of a resolution test?
How does color alter your perception of the resolution?
How fine and detailed should the test model be?
How can the test's results be properly represented in 2D form (for publication)?

Time will tell. We forsee a standardized resolution test for 3D printers that will be commonly used by users and manufacturers.

Via HalfPricePrototypes

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