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What is it? It stands for  Cornell University's Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library. A recent post at the Steampunk Workshop pointed out this interesting library of models. Great for Steampunk fanatics with a 3D printer and a mathematical bent. We believe libraries of this type will prove incredibly useful for hobbyist 3D printers.

The site includes mathematical descriptions, images, videos and other related material for the following mechanical categories:

  • Lower Element Pairs
  • Higher Element Pairs
  • Simple Kinematic Chains
  • Crank Mechanisms
  • Excentric Slider Cranks
  • Crank Chamber Mechanisms
  • Simple Gear Trains
  • Model Support Pedestals
  • Chamber Wheel Mechanisms
  • Complex Slider Crank Mechanisms
  • Positive Return Constant Breadth Cams
  • Screw Mechanisms
  • Ratchet Mechanisms
  • Planetary Gear Trains
  • Jointed Couplings
  • Gear Teeth Profiles
  • Cycloid Rolling Models
  • Straight-line Mechanisms
  • Parallel Guide Mechanisms
  • Rotating Arm Guide Mechanisms
  • Belt Drive Mechanisms
  • Friction Wheels
  • Clock Escapements
  • Reversing and Shifting Belt and Gear Mechanisms
  • Coupling Mechanisms
  • Simple Machines and Drives
  • Universal Joints, Out of Line Drives, Eccentrics
  • Countershafts, Straight-Line Motions, Cams
  • Ratchet Wheels, Drives
  • Gearing Devices
  • Household Devices
  • Automobile Section
  • Water Handling and Power Devices
  • Clock Escapements, Power Hammers and Punch
  • Steam Power Group, Engines, Turbines
  • Gear Chains
  • Crank Transmissions
  • Prismatic Return Mechanisms
  • Heart-Shaped Cams
  • Balance beam mechanisms and paddle wheels
  • Revolute Return Mechanisms
  • Engaging and disengaging gears
  • Steam engines with valve control
  • Miscellaneous
  • Double -helical Gear Pair
  • Eccentric Spur Gear Pair
  • Helical Rack and Pinion Gear Pair
  • Helical Worm Gear Pair [Endless Screw]
  • Herringbone Gear Pair
  • Intermittent Spur Gear Pair
  • Rack and Pinion Gear Pair
  • Right Angle Straight Bevel Gear Pair
  • Right Angle Worm Gear Pair
  • Worm Driven Rack and Pinion
  • Rolling Centrodes and Path Points for a Four-bar Linkage
  • Linkages
  • Gear mechanisms
Now, if there were only .STL files for all of these...

Via The Steampunk Workshop and KMODDL

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