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Figurines Printed on the spot in Akihabara


Tsukulus Co. of Japan now offers figurine printing at their Akihabara location in Tokyo. Their ZCorp 450 can punch out figurines based on your own designs. Prices for a typical figurine are 8000 yen, or a little over USD$80 each.


This seems like the right thing to do, since the "Akihabara Electric Town" area or Akiba as the locals call it, is a hotbed of electronics sales where many new products first emerge.

It's not clear whether pre-designed figurines are selectable, as other figurine shops do (e.g. FigurePrints, Fabidoo or even Ponoko). This may be a barrier to their progress, or an opportunity to expand sales to those unable to develop their own designs.

Time will tell if Otakus discover 3D printing.

Via Akibanana

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