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3D In Your Dreams


Josh Mings from SolidSmack is a prolific blogger, most often found discussing aspects of 3D modeling with SolidWorks, a popular 3D design package. A recent post on SolidSmack caught our eye, in which Josh described his night obsession with 3D modeling:


How are you suppose to get a good nights sleep when your brain is obsessing about the intricacies of how to model inventive new products? ... This happens from time to time for me. It’s usually when I’m very involved with how I’m creating a design in SolidWorks or when I’ve been looking into the depths of the design for hours. What’s cool are the dreams where I feel like I’m floating around the model.

We believe this happens to everyone when their brain spends a lot of time on a specific topic, no issue there, Josh.


The interesting part struck us when we saw the number of comments to Josh's post that echoed his feelings. People think in 3D, or at least these folks do. We contemplate a future where everyone has access to 3D printing tech, and such dreams become widespread. Today people may dream of 2D designs, layouts or text. Tomorrow they may dream of objects. That's when things will get really interesting.

Via SolidSmack

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