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The New Way to Take Footprints


We've all seen proud parents taking too many pictures of their newborns. Sometimes people even take plaster casts of their tiny feet, preserving their impression in 3D for eternity - like these folks did here.


This got us thinking. If it were possible to easily perform a 3D scan of baby's feet, would parents do it? We think so, as parents often try to record as much information as possible about their beloved offspring.

And if you can scan feet, why not do the rest, too? We predict that in the future, parents will perform 3D scans of their children for posterity. They'll start when they are babies, and perhaps repeat the process as the child grows, gathering a new digital model each time.

A series of digital models of baby, er, teenager, would provide some interesting possibilities for animated progress charts.

Easy-to-use 3D print services have appeared already; is it time for a consumer oriented 3D scan service, too?

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