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Discovery Channel Prototypes!


Along with Mythbusters, Discovery Channel is set to debut a new series entitled "Prototype This!" in October this year. The show involves four genuine experts in a variety of prototyping and related skills. Each episode they attempt to "rapidly prototype" something interesting.


CNet managed to get a reported on scene at their studio and witnessed them building a "pyro pack", which was

a custom molded backpack that a firefighter could wear on his or her back and that would hold a series of things that normally have to get lugged by hand: A dry-chem fire extinguisher, an oxygen tank, batteries, wire lights, some electronics, and more.

The pyro pack was partially made from 3D components printed by an unnamed "3D printing firm in Carlsbad, Calif."


We suspect they'll be making a lot of use of such services in future episodes.

Via CNet

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