What Z-Corp Ink is Made Of

We’ve been following a thread in the reprap forums that discusses the composition of inks, started by a post linking to two UK Material Safety Data Sheets that evidently show the composition of Z-Corp’s binder and powder. The binder contains:

  • 1-10% Glycerol
  • 0-2% Preservative (Sorbic acid salt)
  • <1% Surfactant
  • <20% Pigment
  • 85-95% Water

The powder is even simpler:

  • 50-95% Plaster  which contains Crystalline Silica at <1%
  • 2-20% Vinyl Polymer
  • 0-5% Sulfate Salt

Now, can you run off and quickly make your own Z-Corp equivalent printer? Not really. These formulas are very general at best (e.g. 2-20% is not particularly informative). No, you’d have to do your own experimentation. And that’s precisely what the forum users did. A read through the rest of the thread shows users attempting use of many compounds with varying results. These ingenious engineers are pushing the technology forward, regardless of corporate activities.

Via Reprap forums

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  1. This is true. The concept is fairly simple, but the exact formula, is a science. Many have tried duplicating the powder in their garage, but it it's all the research that Zcorp has invested that allows the prints to create parts to precise.

    For samples, specs, or picture comparisons, visit http://www.ems-usa.com

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