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Is a 3D Print High Quality?


Many who encounter 3D printing initially react badly when they realize that the print resolution on today's 3D printers is not so great. For fine details, the capability just isn't yet there, at least with the lower cost 3D printers and services.


However, that does not mean 3D printing is unusable. You simply have to match your application with the current state of 3D print resolution and strength. As printers increase in capability, more uses will be found for them.

Consider the case of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, who recently acquired works of art - wait for it - produced on a 3D printer! Yes, MOMA believed these works were of sufficiently high quality to be included in their vast portfolio of the world's finest art work. The works were produced on an Objet 3D printer, capable of outputting different materials within the same piece.

Does this mean 3D Printing is ready for prime time? Not exactly. It simply confirms that if a 3D print serves your purpose, use it!

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