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Introductory 3D Printing Videos

Sweet Onion Creations is one of the smaller niche 3D printing services, specializing in architecture prints; they've been around about as long as any service. But their small size enables them to take a more personal approach to business.

They've produced several interesting and rather well-done videos explaining 3D printing in very basic terms. Note: they're not flashy commercially produced videos as you might expect to see from the big manufacturers, but they are very casual, and get right to the point. So far, their video page includes:
  • An introduction to 3D printing, perhaps one of the best we've seen. Many of us have seen videos like this before, but this one's friendliness makes it an excellent introduction for unfamiliar with the topic.
  • A record of their presentation at a Google's 3D Basecamp in which they introduce 3D printing to Sketchup users.
  • A quick clip of duplicating LA's Disney Concert Hall in 3D.
Via Sweet Onion Creations

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