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Print Your Baby!

Most women would expect to proceed normally through their pregnancy, but perhaps a few 3D geek fathers would prefer to print their baby instead. Faster, safer, choice of materials, etc. Now it turns out you can actually do this! Well, in plastic or bronze at least.

The London Ultrasound Centre in the UK offers the ability to take a 3D scan of your offspring - before birth - and produce a 3D print of the child. Actually, the 3D Print is simply used to create a mold for subsequent bronze casting. There's no official pricing on the Centre's website for this service, but according to the Daily Mail, it costs 1,200 pounds sterling (or around USD$1,800) and take several weeks to deliver!

We are constantly amazed at the inventive approaches using 3D printing. It seems every week a new angle is discovered.

Via Daily Mail and The London Ultrasound Centre

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