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360-3D Scanner

At the recent CES in Las Vegas Real-View 3-D unveiled a new 3D scanner. According to a report on Wired's Gadget Lab, the device is supposedly quite affordable. While information on Real-View's website is rather scarce, the design of the scanner seems to be quite economical:
  • Simple spinning platter to hold scanned objects
  • Stereo cams recording the object's image as it is spun around
  • Fancy software to interpret the stereo images and melt them into a 3D model (not shown in picture)
  • Minimalistic design seems to include only the necessary elements to accomplish the above. No fancy chambers, lighting, etc.

The Wired article goes on at length about various uses for the scanner, all of which we are suspicious of. However, as a cheap 3D scanner to enable your 3D printing dreams, it may be the right device.

Via Wired and Real-View 3D

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