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Do We Really Need 3D Printing?

Of course we do! We at Fabbaloo would have little to write about otherwise. However, there are those who may think otherwise. We've been looking at tech from Total Immersion, a company that produces Augmented Reality.

What's Augmented Reality? Simply put, it is a way of adding virtual objects  to real life situations. In reality they are merely dropping virtual objects onto live video images to make things appear that can't happen in real life. Perhaps that doesn't sound terribly interesting, but the possibilities are quite astounding. You must watch the video on their home page to understand this (link below).

Total Immersion will be demonstrating their wares at the upcoming CES conference in Las Vegas.

So will VR replace 3D Printing? We suspect in a few rare situations (e.g. motion picture props, etc.) it definitely could, but people still have a need for holding things in their hands.

Now if only someone would invent a 3D video projector, things might be different...

Via Total Immersion

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