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Extreme Redesign 2009

Dimension Printing has announced their annual "Extreme Redesign" competition for 2009-10. The annual event highlights innovative designs created by students.

As usual, there are several categories of entries:

  • High School
  • College Engineering
  • Art & Architecture

This year Dimension have added a new feature: a US$250 Green Bonus, awarded to a student "whose design best displays innovation in areas such as energy efficiency and environmental sustainability".

To enter students must submit a .STL file containing their model and a complete description, either in text or video. Don't forget the entry form, too. Entries are open until 1 Feb 2010, after which a panel will determine the winning entries. The lucky winners will be announced in April 2010 and receive US$2,500 for first place, US$1,000 for runners-up and US$50 for semi-finalists.

Via Dimension Printing

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