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RapMan Goes to School

We've written about the inexpensive RapMan 3D Printer kit before, and at that time it was focused on the UK market, priced at GB£750. Now we've learned that it's now being marketed to educational institutions by Technology Education Concepts (TEC):

The company provides 3D software and hardware solutions needed to teach today’s young people about the fields of engineering, design, manufacturing and architecture with an emphasis on real-world industrial production and manufacturing.

And did we say it's now called "RapManUSA"?

Available in both kit, assembled and "subassembled" form, RapManUSA includes "all mechanic and electric components, control software, test files" and an "Exclusive on-screen, student-interactive 3D instruction manual". Pricing is USD$1,496 for the unassembled kit, USD$1,895 for a kit with pre-assembled extruder and USD$2,395 for a completely assembled and working model.  

Via RapManUSA

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