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3D Printing Services Hurting?

Long-time 3D print service 3D Art to Part seems to be having some difficulty. According to a statement on their website:

We are currently undergoing some changes in our services, and are unable to do any 3D Printing at this time… We are able to support mesh Fixing for 3rd party printing though.  We've been developing and fixing meshes for about 10 years now, and can still use our skills to support your mesh needs.

Further information appears on their FAQ:

What Happened, why aren't you printing models now?
Due to the downturn in the Economy and the drop in prints, we are no longer able to support printing the meshes at the low cost we were offering. 

Where can I get my models printed?
We are working on finding both local & global RP Manufactures to help with this, this will also reduce shipping cost for some if we can supply a local Printing provider.

The phrase "downturn in the Economy" twigged our attention, and raised the question whether other 3D print services are experiencing similar issues. We haven't noticed other print services fading, and if they haven't by now they might be able to ride out as the economy recovers. Have readers observed any other services disappearing?

Via 3D Art to Part

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