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Printing the NanoSeeker

Once in a while we read another piece about 3D printing and it causes us to step back and take stock of what's really going on. This time it was an entry from Jon Hyland's blog, where he's been using a newly acquired 3D printer. Jon appears to be one who's pushing the edge of hobby tech by leveraging all the latest gear.

In his post (and subsequent posts on his blog) he explains how he's obtained his own Dimension uPrint 3D printer (it's one of the least expensive commercial models available today.) He's using it to print out various designs for his NanoSeeker prototype - that's a Micro AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). Great idea, and we wish Jon all success. But then it struck us:

There's a guy using a home replicator to build robot submarines!

If it isn't the 21st century already, it must be close.

Via Jon's Place

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