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Developments in 3D Geographic Printing

RapidToday has a great article exploring several developments in the ability to print geographic scenes in three dimensions. We've written about this before, as a few point services offer this capability. But it's hard to do. In RapidToday's article, you'll learn about:

  • How one of the authors of NASA's World Wind open source geographic project has been developing software to tame the wild world of GIS data. "The world of GIS data is really a mess."
  • A new low-cost subtractive printer especially suitable for printing landscapes. While the device will cost approximately US$12,000, operation will be tremendously inexpensive: "$0.50 [USD] per board foot as opposed to $250-1,500 per board foot for additive systems."  

Via RapidToday (Hat tip to Barnaby)

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