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3D Printing Market to Hit $782M by 2013?

A recent report by ABI research suggests that the 3D printing market could reach heights of almost USD$800M by 2013. Is this possible? We think so - and here's why:

  • The number of applications of 3D printing continues to increase. We've seen medical, artistic, manufacturing and other uses appear simply due to the creativity of makers worldwide, and every time a new use appears, a new set of folks are aware of the potential
  • 3D printing capabilities continue to expand. We've recently seen printing in metal, multiple colors, more robust materials and improved resolution and build times. These will only attract more uses
  • Costs of 3D printing continue to decrease. We have not yet hit the magic "it's cheap and easy enough for Mom to have one at home" level yet, but that's clearly going to happen within a few years
  • Open source / hackers are now fully on the problem and are building radically new solutions to problems in the space - and at very low cost

All of these factors are sure to generate expansion of the market, and we believe the USD$782M is likely achievable. But after that how high will it go?

Via Reuters

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