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Romantic 3D Printing

You gotta believe we're all a serious bunch, always talking about Z-axis resolution, printing chemicals, trade shows, power requirements, NURBS and other tech stuff. But sometimes things just bump into reality. That's what happened to fynflood when he reached a moment in his life when technology changes life forever. Caught without funds to purchase a traditional engagement ring, he made one on a friend's MakerBot. Then:

I was waiting for this awesome romantic moment with the Northern Lights, stars, Moon and that sort of thing. It didn’t happen though. It was pretty cloudy most of the time we were there. On our last day, I was running out of time. While waiting for our bus to the airport, I handed her the little wooden box (I totally should have printed a box, didn’t think about that damnit) my friend got for me top-secret style. I told her I made it, then she says “You didn’t’ make this…” to which I replied “Not the box.. what’s inside”. She sure has a beautiful smile. Before she could get it on, I let her know that she couldn’t wear it unless she would marry me. She put it on.

Technology changes; life changes with it.

Via ObscureReality

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