MCOR Matrix 300

MCOR Matrix 300
The Irish MCOR scientists still believe they can print 3D objects on paper – and they are correct! This past week they announced their latest 3D paper printer, the MCOR Matrix 300, pictured above.

The new model apparently provides some interesting advantages over previous models:

  • Faster turnaround (however, we saw no statistics on this) at similar cost
  • Sleek design (see image above)
  • Enhanced software that simplifies the process, including optimized waste removal
  • Smooth curves and “parts that have a real tactile finish”
  • Parts with “variable stiffness”
And of course, the MCOR’s previous advantages still exist: very inexpensive print media (paper) and ecologically friendly, suitable for use anywhere. The 300 is slated to roll out to UK and Ireland in January.


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