Ponoko’s List

Ponoko’s List
You’ve probably heard about Ponoko, the New Zealand based personal manufacturing and marketplace service. You can not only have your item built with their facilities, but you can also mark your item for sale and others can have Ponoko build it for them, too. And you get paid for it!

One of the interesting twists to Ponoko’s wide range of services is the ability to request a design. That’s right, if you don’t know how to design something, you can punch in a description of the desired object, post it on Ponoko and (hopefully) some inventive maker will stumble across your request and make it for you.

To see the list, simply sign on to Ponoko’s site (you *do* have an id there, don’t you?) and hit this link.  As of this writing, we see some USD$155,000 in items requested. The largest item is for a lamp clasp at USD$75,000 for 1,000 units. These prices might even be low, as the requester merely specifies the “ideal price per unit”.

We’re wondering if Fabbaloo readers with design skills are aware they might be able to pull in some extra cash for their ZCorp or Objet 3D printer savings fund by knocking off some of these requests.

Via Ponoko

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