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Israeli-based SOLIDO announced a new 3D printer: the SOLIDO SD300 Pro, which succeeds the previous SD300. The SD300 uses Plastic Sheet Lamination technology to produce 3D objects:

The materials used in the SD300 Pro are a combination of PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) and our own adhesive which results in rugged yet inexpensive models. These models can be machined, drilled, finished and painted and show no distortion over time.

Available material colors are: Amber transparent, Red, Blue, Black and Cream, and the layer thickness is 0.168mm. The moderately sized build chamber is 16 x 21 x 13.5 cm, able to handle small objects easily.

SOLIDO makes a point that this is an office device:

Anyone can operate the SD300 3D Printer.  The model build process requires no intervention and the replacement of consumable materials can be done by anyone - it is no more complicated than changing cartridges on a copy machine or a 2D printer.  The SD300 creates no ambient dust or residue so there is no cleanup required after each build.

While not quite as green as MCOR's paper 3D printer, SOLIDO does include a recycling kit with each printer, enabling you to easily return unused raw material back to SOLIDO.

The best part: the price of the SD300 Pro is only €2,950 (USD$4,375). Does this make it a sub-USD$5,000 3D printer? We think so!


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