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MakerBot Hall of Fame

The MakerBot guys are not just hardware and software geniuses. They are marketing genuises, too. They've set up a "Hall of Fame" for MakerBot users, in the best use of Game Theory we've yet seen in the 3D printing space. This is a terrific approach that we think will definitely make more things happen in the MakerBot world. We thought the Fame Categories were pretty interesting:

  • Tallest Print
  • Biggest Volume
  • Longest Print
  • Most Complex
  • Best Replication
  • Biggest Overhang
  • Highest Resolution
  • Most Awesome Print Ever

With the exception of the last category, all of them are specifically challenging MakerBot users to Make the Machine Better. Building on their previous approach of convincing their customers to build MakerBot for them, they've now set up a framework for customers to improve the product. Well Done, MakerBot!

We can't wait to see the Most Awesome Print Ever, too.

Another thought: Should there be a Hall of Shame? Maybe not, because it'd probably end up being an array of badly colored lumps. Ugh.

Via MakerBot

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