Nervous Jewelry


Actually it’s not the jewelry that’s nervous, it’s the creators. Or their company: Nervous System. They produce a line of jewelry (bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches) that were generated by sophisticated algorithms in software. The designs are then either 3D printed, or in some cases 3D printed moulds are used to create the final objects.


Nervous System uses three different algorithms for much of their product lines: diffusion limited aggregation (which produces eerie coral-ish branching structures); Distortion meshes using a physics simulator (which produces weird twisty meshes that look strangely natural) and Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces (which produce similar stretchy meshes, but they’re a lot smoother).

Here’s the best part: you can actually play with these algorithms yourself using three handy applets on their Tools page.


We’re very pleased to see a few things going on here:


  • 3D Printing technology is being used to create highly unique objects for a new business that might not have existed otherwise
  • Advanced mathematical algorithms that emulate natural designs join 3D printing technology to produce something fantastic

Will small designers who employ these advanced techniques demonstrate the future of 21st century businesses? Will this approach grow and overtake conventional techniques? We’re watching closely.


Via Nervous System (Hat tip to Jessica)

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