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Oh, Really? RepRap Meets O'Reilly

Zach Smith of the RepRap Research Foundation is set to conduct a workshop at the O'Reilly ETech Emerging Technology Conference being held March 9-12 in San Jose, California. Zach's session is scheduled for Monday the 9th in the afternoon, and his session abstract says:
An exciting 3 hour workshop led by Zach Smith featuring RepRap, the open source self-replicating 3D printer. We’ll have the extruders fired up and the thermoplastic pumping for the duration of the event. Stop by and see the future being made right in front of your eyes, literally. In addition to non-stop demonstration of the 3D printing technology, the workshop will consist of discussions of the RepRap technology, 3D printing and digital fabrication techniques, and 3D modeling. There will even be opportunities to design and fabricate objects on the spot.

This will certainly be interesting. But there's a bit more to this, we suspect. As some readers may know, O'Reilly is perhaps the major tech publisher for things IT. They are trendsetters, carefully tracking the topics of their book sales to understand what's happening in the IT industry. When they see a trend, the make more books on the topic.

Now we see 3D Printing appearing at an O'Reilly conference. Might this be the initial feelers into the development of an O'Reilly book on 3D printing? And what would that mean for 3D Printing?

Via O'Reilly ETech

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