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Wear Your 8Hertz By Speaking to 1234Lab

Yes, we wrote the headline specifically to baffle readers. It's all about a rather amazing new process developed by 1234Lab, a very interesting operation that is "a design group that is focusing on designing innovative product with business potential".

Among their inventory of radical products is the 8hertz line of jewelry. Here's how it works:

  • A recording of speech from the sender is captured
  • The recording is analyzed with proprietary algorithm
  • A 3D shape corresponding to each word within the speech is designed automatically
  • The 3D shapes are printed
  • The 3D printouts are transformed using conventional metal techniques into actual jewelry
  • The recipient wears jewelry formed from the very words of the sender

You can see the process in action by watching this video.

While we can't quite "read" the shapes, we're quite certain they will be very meaningful for any lovers who receive them. Now, what should we say?

Via 1234Lab and 8hertz

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