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Get Your Model from Moddler

As readers will know, any new 3D print service these days must specialize in a niche to succeed, and Moddler has chosen digital entertainment. From their site:
Moddler is the premier 3d printing company for today's digital entertainment creators, including digital film studios, visual effects companies, video game companies, and individual artists.  We specialize in turning your digital models into incredibly detailed physical models to be used as maquettes for design validation, high-end swag for clients or team members, or physical props.  These models are printed through a digital process, just like inkjet printing, that results in the creation of very fine detail with a high degree of accuracy.

Moddeler offers a 20 x 15 x 8 inch build envelope, which is fairly large. Of course, you can break your character into components and assemble afterwards to make an even larger model. Unfortunately, no online quotes are available, so you'll have to contact Moddler directly.

Via Moddler

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