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Last September we wrote about Lattice Technology's 3D model storage format, XVL, which offers significant (i.e. up to 99%) savings over other formats. Now though, they've gone even farther by announcing XVL v10 that "delivers 2 times more compression of 3D data than the previous XVL formats, along with vastly improved memory consumption and speed of viewing".

No accuracy is lost in XVL v10, even though memory requirements are 25-40% reduced. According to their press release, the key features are:

  • Compresses 3D data up to 0.5% of its original size
  • Memory usage 25-40% improved
  • 3D viewing at least 2 times faster than previous version
  • Retains accuracy of the data with no compromise for file size/usability
  • Further speed improvements with graphic accelerators deliver even faster viewing and usage of your 3D data, especially with NVIDIA graphics cards
  • The industry’s most compressed 3D format

XVL v10 will roll out during the summer of 2009. Oh, and you kinda have to have Lattice's products to use XVL, although they do offer a free viewer.

Via Product Design & Development and Lattice 3D

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