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More'a Coraline

Last week we posted the inside details of how the popular movie Coraline was produced. The makers of the film shunned conventional CGI techniques and went with a traditional stop-motion approach with a twist: many model components were produced on an Objet Connex500 3D printer. This enabled them to make many, many more custom components than would ever had been possible before. According to BusinessWeek, they were:
able to give Coraline 208,000 potential expressions by using 320 interchangeable molds of different eyebrow and forehead expressions and 650 different mouth molds
In the video pictured above, the makers explain how they produced an animated shower scene using 3D printed water! Ambitious, for certain - but it definitely worked. They used an Objet Connex500 to perform the printing, and we've talked about this device before. It's unique feature is the ability to print with multiple types of media simultaneously. You can read about the device here.
This is yet another interesting application of 3D print technology, where a situation required a very large number of unique parts. We believe any similar situation could likely benefit from 3D printing. 
Hat tip to Shimrit!

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