Next-Make at CPW

CPW is MIT's "Campus Preview Weekend", which occurs 16-19 April this week. According to MIT's tagline:

So here's the experiment:

Pour into one MIT campus 1,000 highly charged members of the Class of 2013.

Immerse in a saturated solution of classes, special lectures, hands-on activities, campus explorations and faculty encounters. Add several days and nights living with current students and other prospective '13s.

For three days, mix vigorously.

Predicted result: Lasting warmth, ongoing effervescence -- and maybe even a little enlightenment.

Testing a hypothesis was never so much fun. And it wouldn't be the same without YOU.

We hope you'll join us.

One of the activities is a "3D Printer Party!" They're cooking up a RepRap-style device to show new students how it works. We're quite interested in this because:

Tired of printing in a mere two dimensions? Come to Next House and play with our new, custom-built 3D printer! Just submit your design and within minutes, you'll be holding a real 3D model! While you're at it, learn about Next Make, MIT's newest student design group.

Well, perhaps it won't be quite that fast, but we're certainly pleased 3D tech is getting big exposure to the engineers of tomorrow. Good Luck with the Party!

Via Next Make and CPW MIT

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