Keith Prints a Puck

 Keith’s Electronics Blog has a series of posts on the development of an “LED Puck”. What does it do? Special Purpose Lighting:

Power goes out and you need to enough light to shut down the UPS-protected computers? LED puck. Camping and you need to find your gear inside your tent? Puck. Kidnapped and locked inside a trunk? Puck. (Also “cocktail party,” but that’s a different movie.) It’s dark and you want to show off a cool gizmo? Puck!

You can read a series of posts by Keith as he develops the unusual device. But the post we’re interested in is his experience with a 3D printer. His problem, the same encountered by many designers, is that he wasn’t willing to commit to a final design without trying a prototype. He used a colleague’s 3D printer (Dimension) to build the prototype of the Puck’s case. The post takes us through the entire process, with images showing each stage of the printing process, and his commentary as a new user of 3D printing.

While the properties of the result from this printer were not quite what was required for the device, we suspect there might be other printers that could deliver what Keith needs.

Via Keith’s Electronics Blog

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