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New ULTRA 3D Printer

EnvisionTEC has announced their new ULTRA 3D printer, to be shown publicly today at the RAPID conference. According to the press release, the key features are:

  • X & Y resolution 80 microns with ERM module(0.0032 in)
  • Z-resolution adjustable from to 20 to 100 microns (0.0007 to 0.004 in)
  • Build speed 0.5 in/hr (12.7 mm) at 100 microns  Voxel depth for the full build envelope
  • Wide material choice, from ABS- and polypropylene-like to wax-based materials for investment casting
  • Extremely smooth surface finishes
  • Office-friendly, low power requirements and plug and play operation
  • Built with proven high-reliability DLP technology

We like the reasonably large build chamber (10x7.5x8 inches).

No word on price yet, other than whispers of it being "very competitive".

Via TCT Magazine and EnvisionTEC

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