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The DIY Wave?

The Financial Times posts their observation of the recent increase of Do-It-Yourself projects and services. This should be no surprise to Fabbaloo readers, but it's definitely true. More and more people are taking on DIY projects for a variety of purposes. Why is this so?

We believe the convergence of several factors has led to a surge in DIY interest:

  • The widespread availability of inexpensive design and modeling software
  • The emergence of "maker" communities (including this blog, MAKE magazine and numerous other digital sources) that spread interest and information
  • The availability of inexpensive manufacturing equipment, be it either low-cost equipment or low-cost service bureaus
  • A creative attitude fomented by discussions within open source communities and dissatisfaction with typically available products
  • A lot of free time for many inconvenienced by recent financial difficulties

Mix those together, and what else would you get?

Via The Financial Times

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